Our YouTube channel has 3275 subscribers and more than 1.85 million views in total, as well as more than 30,000 views per month (Effective: June 2014) – and counting. Here our TV-EDU – Education Counseling offers more than 350 information films and interesting experience reports on the topic of (Higher) Education. Compared to others, we are therefore the strongest channel in this area! By the way: The videos are embedded on more than 100 websites and connected through corresponding social media which cover a wide array of topics all around higher education and study possibilities.

We can realize the following products for you:

Animated films which introduce or explain degree programs or themes relevant to education

Since the emergence of video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, animated information films have become increasingly popular. They are perfect for explaining issues or to convey information in a playful and interesting way.

Stylistically there are no boundaries here – whether real drawings or elaborate computer animations are used, these films are well-received. Here you can see a few examples

Video experience reports or interviews with students or lecturers

Similar to mouth-to-mouth propaganda, experience reports have a specific effect on listeners/viewers. Much depends on the sympathy for the interview partner and how he/she conveys the content. Authenticity is an important keyword for this topic. Here a few examples:

Image films or University/Campus Tours

Image films can be very different. Whether it’s a mix of impressions, interviews and an info film, a short video with impressions and good music, or an advertising film. Here as well there are no artistic limits, but it is important that the film is authentic and doesn’t seem false. These kinds of films are ideal to present a product, a degree program, a company or a university. Here a few examples:

Our productions contain the following services (Every service is separately bookable):

  • Concept Research and gathering of information Script creation Correction by research assistants
  • Production Drawing and coloration Interview/Moderation Filming (indoor shot) Setting up and cleaning up of equipment Sound Voice recording Input of the data and conversion
  • Editing Input of image data, conversion and rendering Data or sequence inspection Rough cut Assembling of sequences 
  • Post-Production Digital post-processing (Effects, color and sound correction etc.)
  • Distribution Placement of the video material on relevant (education) channels