Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing?

Because visual communication is more important than ever in the times in social media, many experts are sure that videos (e.g. from YouTube) have great potential for a professional content marketing. For example new algorithms have limited the visibility of posts on Facebook. The so-called Edge Rank especially gives preference to rich media in the news feed, such as pictures and videos.


Furthermore e.g. experience reports (of universities or degree programs) can play a part in contributing to prospective students deciding on your institute through word-to-mouth propaganda.


This is for sure: There are a number of reasons that speak for the use of videos in higher education marketing. It is scientifically proven that humans react especially to visuals and moving images!

Why Content Marketing?

No matter where you look, you see content, content, content. The Buzzword en vogue is undoubtedly „Content Marketing“ and especially since last year this term has experienced a great popularity. We at EDU-Con are fortunate that Content Marketing has become state of the art as it is our way of working for over ten years now. In education, qualified information for choosing a career path is influential signifying one of the most important decisions in the lives of young people. For the education sector, this means that you have to place as much good content as possible on relevant channels like web portals and social media. We are able to cope with current changes in communication easily because we do Content Marketing like that in our daily business. That is why we know that a large part of many organization´s budgets now flows into this type of professional marketing and is therefore worth a closer inspection.


So what is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a type of Online Marketing which aims to produce and distribute marketing relevant content. The overall objective is to generate particularly valuable topics that approach the defined target group precisely and have the possibilities of triggering customer loyalty to an action via a positive image transfer. Take for instance a well-prepared info graphic, blog tutorials, or some forms of digital storytelling - to name just a few examples. At EDU-CON we offer useful and free information to our target group, which is contains a clear language, is easy to find and placed everywhere where young people linger around in the internet.


Topics sell products or services

Basically, content marketing is not new. However, it is not the advertising statement that has priority, but rather supplying of informative content, extending knowledge, entertaining the target group or to sum things up: creating an added value for recipients. Since many users feel harassed by obtrusive advertisements, banners and pop-ups, advertising (if any at all) through Content Marketing is made only in a subtle or indirect way. This can be seen as a paradigm shift. A data-based content strategy which can be implemented primarily through social media channels is now a must. Moreover, Content Marketing is used for Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing. Content, with matching keywords, can help websites with Link Building, making them more visible and supporting lead creation.


So put your content to the test…

Caution is advised when Content Marketing drifts into the field of stealthy advertising or advertising not declared as marketing content (see: Law against Unfair Competition). In addition, the causal relationship is not always as simple as it might seem: Good content does not automatically lead to more success or actions. This raises the need for adequate evaluation. In the area of social media, i. e. interactions, comments or range values can be good indicators of success with your target group. For websites and videos, numbers of visitors, click rates and length of stay would be significant values. By the way: Many experts are convinced that video channels like youtube still hold great potential for Content Marketing. It should become clear: In the field of online evaluation, adequate evaluation is strongly dependent on the matter and which numbers can be evaluated at all. One should keep in mind that the relation between measurement and input of resources should be balanced as well.


Why Content Marketing at all?

Finally, it must be noted: Content Marketing in the sector of Online Marketing can help create added value for users and thus add value to your own institution. Content Marketing must not always cost a lot of money, but it needs to be well done and be carried by a proper strategy. An appealing idea that rouses the target group in a positive way is the key to successful content. In addition, factors such as distribution, quality and relevance come into account when talking about qualitative and effective Content Marketing as we at EDU-CON strongly believe in.